Filtering data in your tableΒΆ

When presenting a large amount of data, filtering is often a necessity. Fortunately, filtering the data in your django-tables2 table is simple with django-filter.

The basis of a filtered table is a SingleTableMixin combined with a FilterView from django-filter:

from django_filters.views import FilterView
from django_tables2.views import SingleTableMixin

class FilteredPersonListView(SingleTableMixin, FilterView):
    table_class = PersonTable
    model = Person
    template_name = "template.html"

    filterset_class = PersonFilter

The PersonFilter is defined the following way:

from django_filters import FilterSet
from .models import Person

class PersonFilter(FilterSet):
    class Meta:
        model = Person
        fields = {"name": ["exact", "contains"], "country": ["exact"]}

The FilterSet is added to the template context in a filter variable by default. A basic template rendering the filter (using django-bootstrap3)[] and table looks like this:

{% load render_table from django_tables2 %}
{% load bootstrap3 %}

{% if filter %}
    <form action="" method="get" class="form form-inline">
        {% bootstrap_form filter.form layout='inline' %}
        {% bootstrap_button 'filter' %}
{% endif %}
{% render_table table 'django_tables2/bootstrap.html' %}