Query string fieldsΒΆ

Tables pass data via the query string to indicate ordering and pagination preferences.

The names of the query string variables are configurable via the options:

  • order_by_field – default: 'sort'

  • page_field – default: "page"

  • per_page_field – default: "per_page", note: this field currently is not used by {% render_table %}

Each of these can be specified in three places:

  • Table.Meta.foo

  • Table(..., foo=...)

  • Table(...).foo = ...

If you are using multiple tables on a single page, you will want to prefix these fields with a table-specific name, in order to prevent links on one table interfere with those on another table:

def people_listing(request):
    config = RequestConfig(request)
    table1 = PeopleTable(Person.objects.all(), prefix="1-")  # prefix specified
    table2 = PeopleTable(Person.objects.all(), prefix="2-")  # prefix specified

    return render(request, 'people_listing.html', {
        'table1': table1,
        'table2': table2