Exporting table dataΒΆ

New in version 1.8.0.

If you want to allow exporting the data present in your django-tables2 tables to various formats, you must install the tablib package:

pip install tablib

Adding ability to export the table data to a class based views looks like this:

import django_tables2 as tables
from django_tables2.export.views import ExportMixin

from .models import Person
from .tables import MyTable

class TableView(ExportMixin, tables.SingleTableView):
    table_class = MyTable
    model = Person
    template_name = 'django_tables2/bootstrap.html'

Now, if you append _report=csv to the querystring, the browser will download a csv file containing your data. Supported export formats are:

csv, json, latex, ods, tsv, xls, xlsx, yml

If you must use a function view, you might use someting like this:

from django_tables2.config import RequestConfig
from django_tables2.export.export import TableExport

from .models import Person
from .tables import MyTable

def table_view(request):
    table = MyTable(Person.objects.all())


    export_format = request.GET.get('_export', None)
    if TableExport.is_valid_format(export_format):
        exporter = TableExport(export_format, table)
        return exporter.response('table.{}'.format(export_format))

    return render(request, 'table.html', {
        'table': table